Turbotherm – Infrared Digestion Unit For Kjeldahl

Turbotherm – Infrared digestion unit for Kjeldahl Nitrogen estimation

Turbotherm with electronic time and power control

The Turbotherm is a versatile infrared rapid digestion system capable of handling a wide range of samples in today’s modern laboratory. The digestion time is dramatically reduced due to the extremely short heating up and cooling down periods.
By using the modern electronic-control up to 9 different programs can be entered. Each program has up to 9 variable heating levels and time settings. The current status is permanently displayed with manual override possible at any time.


The Turbotherm can be used for many applications. The option of using 5 different insert racks allows the instrument to accept tubes of 12 x 100 ml, 6 x 250, 12 x 250 ml, 4 x 400 ml, and 4 x 800 ml. There is even the possibility of using the Turbotherm as a multifunctional, programmable heater for inorganic acid digestions.

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