Testing for Steroids and Drugs in Herbal Medicines

India has a strong heritage and tradition of using traditional medicines for the treatment of both days to a day and chronic ailments. All of us believe in and trust the medicines from the Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy systems. With the advancement in the manufacturing and quality control of Herbal medicines, the quality of these products has improved and today is at par with the modern system of medicine. But despite these advancements, it is not uncommon to find traditional medicines adulterated with modern medicines often at higher than recommended doses to achieve magical results. Prolonged consumption of these adulterated medicines can have serious even irreversible side effects.

We at Arbro have been conducting lab testing of herbal medicines for over 20 years and have developed tests for quickly and cost-effectively identifying adulteration of herbal medicines with modern medicines such as steroids, painkillers, and antibiotics. If you or a family member is using an unlabeled, loose herbal medicine and want to get a lab test for steroids in Ayurvedic medicines or other herbal medicines you can contact us and get the sample tested to avoid long-term side effects. The results of the analysis can be given within two working days of us receiving the samples in our lab.

The analysis is carried out by highly experienced members of our team using sophisticated instruments like High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, and Mass Spectroscopy depending on the nature of the sample and amount of the adulterant added.  It is important that you share with us the disease for which the medicine is being taken to narrow down the possible adulterants and provide for more accurate test results. We require at least 5 grams of the sample to successfully conduct the testing.

Please find the below-given table for tests and prices :

TestsSteroids OnlyHeavy Metals OnlyPain Killers OnlySteroids and Heavy MetalsSteroids and Pain KillerSteroids, Pain Killers and Heavy Metals
Dexamethasone   ✔
Betamethasone   ✔ ✔
Prednisolone   ✔ ✔
Lead  ✔  ✔  ✔
Arsenic  ✔  ✔  ✔
Cadmium  ✔  
Mercury  ✔  
Paracetamol   ✔  ✔
Diclofenac Sodium   
Phenyl Butazone   
Prices₹ 2500/- +tax ₹2500/- +tax₹2500/- +tax₹4000/- +tax ₹ 4000/ +tax₹ 5000/- +tax


















Please download the below-given pdf copy of customer registration form and request letter for the above tests, fill them and send with a demand draft of the desired tests to the given address : 

Customer Registration Form
Request Letter

Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd.,
4/9 Kirti Nagar Industrial Area,
New Delhi – 110015
Contact No. 011-45754575

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