Testing for Steroids and Drugs in Herbal Medicines

India has a strong heritage and tradition of using traditional medicines for treatment of both day to day and chronic ailments. All of us believe in and trust the medicines from the Ayurveda, Siddha, Unanai and Homeopathy systems. With the advancement in the manufacturing and quality control of Herbal medicines the quality of these products has improved and today is at par with the modern system of medicine. But despite of these advancements it is not uncommon to find traditional medicines adulterated with modern medicines often at higher than recommended doses to achieve magical results. Prolonged consumption of these adulterated medicines can have serious even irreversible side effects. 

We at Arbro have been conducting lab testing of herbal medicines for over 20 years and have developed tests for quickly and cost effectively identifying adulteration of herbal medicines with modern medicines such as steroids, pain killers and antibiotics. If you or a family member is using an unlabeled, loose herbal medicine and want to get a lab test for steroids in Ayurvedic medicines or other herbal medicines you can contact us and get the sample tested to avoid long term side effects. The results of the analysis can be given within two working days of us receiving the samples in our lab.

The analysis is carried out by highly experienced members of our team using sophisticated instruments like High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectroscopy depending on the nature of the sample and amount of the adulterant added.  It is important that you share with us the disease for which the medicine is being taken to narrow down the possible adulterants and provide for more accurate test results. We require at least 5 grams of the sample to successfully conduct the testing.

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  1. Seema says

    I am a diabetic patient since 12 years. My fasting sugar was 150 – 200. Some doctors advised me to have insulin injections. But recently I tried a new medicine named Vildagliptin 50 mg. and sugar level came down to 100-120. But I am suspecting some steroids in this medicine. Could you please advise how to check the presence of steroids. Kindly advise.

  2. Seema says

    This comment is in continuation to the previous one…I forgot the to mention one more name of medicine i.e. Pioglitazone HCI with Metformin HCI Sustained Release and Glimepiride

  3. renu says

    Hello sir my husband nd mother in law are diabetics and taking some ayurvedic medicines there sugar level is und control but there are many other physical problems are arising now so I am having a doubt on the medicines they are taking .I don’t know the place where I can send those medicine to check whether they are having steroids or not so help me@out thanks regards

  4. ravinder arya says

    my father is having some problem in respiratory system..like problem in breathing,can not walk longer, diabetic..then
    he consult a ayurvedic doctor & get a powder from him…salty in taste..
    and from day first.. my father is feeling very good & energetic…..
    feeling very healthy..
    I am susspecting of steriods..Please tell me..how i can check it???

  5. Richa says

    My father having sciatic pain as I read in your site to know about steroids in non labeled medicine I want to get it check please let me know where I have to send sample thanks in advance

  6. Rajesh says

    I am using ayurvedic tablet for gastric prob. I am using ayurvedic capsule. Its providing better results than our medicines do. I want to check the presence of steroid in the capsule. Where can i send u the samples

  7. Parineeta says

    HI, I need to get a capsule analysed to see if it has steroids, Can you please email me the costs and the procedures of getting in touch with you for this?

  8. Dr. Saurabh Arora says

    Hi, I hope you have got a response from our team. Do let me know if there is any further requirement.

  9. Dr. Saurabh Arora says

    Hi, I hope you have got a response from our team. Do let me know if there is any further requirement.

  10. meesum says

    i suspect that the ayurvedic medicine i got from delhi contains steroids and i want to send to laboratory for testing.pl let me know the cost of testing and the procedure.thanks .msk

  11. Himanshu says

    I want to get tested 2 tablet, and powder medicine for the presence of Steriod, which has been taken by mother since a long time.
    can you please let me know the process?

  12. Sham Irani says

    I am taking Ayurvedic Medicine from Vaid M.K Bosu for Back Pain and Vitamin D3 Deficiency since 4 months. I get relief after taking the Medicine. Where can I send the sample to check whether it contains Steriods?

  13. Tarun Dangwal says


    3 months back, I started my hair fall treatment from Dr. Batra. There is not much of improvement in my problem but I have noticed some unusual changes in my digestion system and my sleep disorder. I suspect that they could be using Steroids in medicines, also there have been cases in past where people raised question on their medicines. I want to check their medicine for the presence of Steroids.
    Could you please help me?


  14. Dilip says

    my wife is taking Ayurvedic capsule for knee pain. I want to get laboratory test of the capsule, can you please let me know where to send sample and what is the cost of testing?
    I want to know whether medicine contained any steroids.

  15. Manendra Singh says

    I am using “Regain by Swamy Herbal” from past 5 months for weight gain. i got the result but i suspect this medicine contain steroids. i want to test this medicine

  16. shahin says

    I am taking ayurvedic medicine for allergy and asthma. I want to test thEse medicines whether they contain steroid. Where can i test it?

  17. Rebati Ramana panda says

    Hello Sir,

    I am using Ram Dev Baba’s Kachnar Gugulu and Gilay Bati. Are these tablets contains any steriods.


    R. R. Panda

  18. says

    its regarding Neem hunny marketed by swdeshi for diabetic, but i found some hard residue at bottam of the bottel, hence i fill this must be sugar,than how can it be good for diabetic? please answer my statement. Thanks.

  19. Dr. Saurabh Arora says

    Hi, it is natural for honey to have crystals and it is a myth that natural honey will not precipitate.

  20. Dr. Saurabh Arora says

    Dear Rebati, These are reputed and quality products which are not expected to be contaminated however, you can get the tested to be doubly sure.

  21. karthiick says

    Dear Sir,

    Iam taking for last 1 month some capsules & powder given by telungu nattu vaidthyar,my problem is some irritation in heart area,when i consult doctor they said it might be ulcer,but i went to take medicine with this vaidthiyar,he said it is due to heat in the body,will get reduce once if i take his medicine & also he added i will get strength in body & brightness in face & he said he added some natural herbals & paspam in it,after taking i feel ok,but doubt it may have steroids in it,

    Pls advice how to check this…

  22. michelle fernandes says

    Hi…im suffering from RA…tried several medications…this new ayurvedic treatment seems to provide much relief…would like go confirm if the same isn’t adulterated with other drugs. Your help would be highly appreciated. Do let me know.

  23. Manosi says

    Hello Sir,

    I am using an ayurvedic powder for back pain and want to check if it contains any steroids. Kindly advise how I should go about it.

    Thanks and Regards

  24. dr. shweta mittal says

    Hi saurabh
    I have tested some ayurvedic products which were found to have steroids… Can I claim the supplier for giving adultrayed medicines..what is the procedure

  25. Kavita Jain says

    Please suggest the process and fee associated for testing Ayurvedic medicine for the presence of steroids.

  26. Lalit says

    I am using an Ayurvedic medicine to gain weight and I have gained 10kg of weight so I am in little doubt that do these medicine contain steroids?
    How to confirm

  27. Dr. Saurabh Arora says

    Dear Dr Shweta, our service is to help protect the consumers by letting them find out the reality of the products they are consuming, we can not help or guide you on taking claims etc.

  28. Susheel Kumar Srivastava says


    I am taking an ayurvedic powder from a vaidya for diabetics, although it keeps my sugar in control, I want to get the powder tested for any adulteration (mainly steroids). Please let me know the procedure and cost involved.



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