Liquid glucose testing for industry

Liquid glucose testing and quality have a major impact on the quality and stability of products where it is used as an ingredient in large quantities. Arbro routinely carries out testing of liquid glucose for clients from various industries. We can conduct analysis as per both Indian Standard and Pharmacopoeial specifications.

What are Liquid glucose testing requirements as a Food Ingredient –

The specifications for liquid glucose testing as a food ingredient are laid down in the Indian Standard (IS: 873 – 1974 Reaffirmed 2005) additionally under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011 test of Sulphur Dioxide has been reiterated as an important test and the limit has been set at 450 ppm. Other tests include Total Solids, Ash, pH, Toxic Metals, Microbial pathogens and Dextrose Equivalent (DE) Value.

What are Liquid glucose testing requirements as a Pharmaceutical Excipient–

For use as a pharmaceutical excipient, the requirements have been defined in the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP-NF), the British Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia. Some of the tests required include Identification, Acidity, Water content, Heavy metals, Assay as DE value and Sulphur dioxide.

What is Liquid Glucose?

Liquid glucose is also known as Corn Syrup is usually prepared from maize starch and contains varying amounts of maltose and higher oligosaccharides. Chemically it is a liquid starch hydrolysate of oligo and polysaccharides and made from any source of starch; wheat, rice, and potatoes are the most common sources.

What are the uses of Liquid Glucose?

It is widely used in the confectionery, biscuit, and food canning industries, as a thickener, sweetener and to modify the texture and mouthfeel of food preparations. It is also used as the humectant to prevent crystallization in products containing high concentrations of sugar. Liquid glucose is also a main ingredient of candies and sweets. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a cost-effective replacement to sugar syrup in oral syrup preparations and is also used in tablets for coating and as a granulating agent.

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