Drinking water testing

Water Testing
Drinking Water Testing

Regular and planned drinking water testing can go a long way to improve the quality of life and save indirect costs for both organizations and individuals. Water is the essence of life, the human body contains more than 60% water. It is recommended that men drink 3 liters of water each day and women 2.2 liters, so in one lifetime an average individual can consume more than 60000 liters of water in a lifetime!

You can imagine if these 60000 liters have even a small amount of toxins like pesticides or heavy metals or toxic anions they can accumulate in the body causing various diseases and disorders. Besides this potential for causing chronic disorders, contamination of drinking water with pathogenic microorganisms cause a number of waterborne diseases. The world health organization estimates that diarrheal diseases account for more than 4% of the total daily global burden of disease and are responsible for 1.8 million deaths each year.

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Both individuals and organizations can protect themselves, their families and team members from these diseases by implementing regular drinking water testing program. The cost of such a drinking water testing program is easily and quickly recovered from savings on health care costs and increased productivity in organizations.

Arbro offers a single point solution for drinking water testing, we routinely carry out drinking water testing as per the specifications laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards, World Health Organization, US Environmental Protection Agency and other standards. The laboratory is accredited by NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) for drinking water testing. We can help you develop and implement a program to ensure the safety of drinking water in your organization by –

  1. Helping you design the annual testing program suitable for your organization by deciding what tests to conduct and at what frequency
  2. Testing of the source water – municipal or ground or surface water
  3. Evaluating the performance of your water purification system
  4. Helping you design or select a water purification system
  5. Conducting independent sampling from your offices or factories
  6. Delivering reports with actual results you can use in a timely fashion

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