Free 10 part HPLC training e-course

Our team over at is putting together a 10 part free HPLC training email courses for you, they will deliver each part every 3 or 4 days straight to your inbox. If you would like to learn the basics of analytical techniques like HPLC, AAS, GC, HPTLC, microbiology and many more you can sign-up for these free e-courses. The HPLC training and future courses are good for both beginners and experienced scientists looking to refresh their knowledge. They are based on our years of experience and the in-lab, hands-on courses we conduct.

The HPLC training e-course covers the following key points –

  • a brief history of the technique
  • its current state and advancements
  • basic principles
  • instrumentation
  • applications
  • tips and tricks and
  • interview questions for beginners

We suggest you sign-up for one course at a time or it might become a bit overwhelming.  The first course we are rolling out is the free HPLC training e-course you can sign-up for it below by just providing your email address and name –

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