Arbro granted renewal by the Bureau of Indian Standards

With great pleasure, we would like to announce that Arbro has been granted renewal from the Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Laboratory under the BIS laboratory recognition scheme, 2013.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body of India, resolves to be the leader in all matters concerning Standardization, Certification, and Quality.

Based on the laboratory assessment carried out on 13-14th January 2014 by a team of highly qualified personnel, the certificate of renewal was granted within the scope of approval specified.

Arbro shall be able to provide various testing facilities as per the scope is given below approved by BIS.

The Approval shall be valid up to 14-Jan-2017 and the scope includes the following:

S. No.IS No.AmendmentProduct
01253:19852006Edible Common Salt
02269:2013NAOrdinary and low heat Portland cement, 33 Grade
03285:19922008Laundry Soap
04455:19892009Portland Slag Cement
051005:19921998Edible Maize Starch (Corn Flour)
061007:19841984Custard Powder
071008:20042006Sugar Boiled Confectionary
09 1061:1997 2013 Disinfectant Fluids, Phenolic type
10 1065:1989 1996 Bleaching Powder, Stable
111159:1981Reaffirmed 20101996 Baking Powder
12 1165:2002Reaffirmed 2009 2012Milk POwder
13 1166:1986
Reaffirmed 2009
 2002 Condensed Milk, partially skimmed and skimmed condensed milk
14 1489(Part 1): 1991
Reaffirmed 2009
 2009 PPC-Fly Ash Based
15 1489(Part 2): 1991
Reaffirmed 2009
 NA PPC- Calcined Clay Based
 16 1656:2007
Reaffirmed 2009
 2012 Milk cereal-based complementary Food
 17 2052:2009
Reaffirmed 2009
 2010 Compounded feeds for Cattle
18 2124:2000 NA Sodium bicarbonate
19 2344:1994 2000 Flake Type Chewing Tobacco(Zarda)
20 2888:2004 2013 Toilet Soaps
 21 4199:2001 2001 Toilet soap Liquids
22 7021:1973 2000 Protein rich food supplements for infant and Pre-School Children
23 7224:2006 2011 Iodized salt,vaccumed iodized salt and refined iodized salt
24 8112:2013 NA 43 GR Ordinary Portland Cement
25 9825:2003 2008 Chlorine tablets
26 10350:1999
Reaffirmed 2009
 2002 Powder Hair dyes
27 11536:2007 2012 Processed cereal-based complementary foods
28 12269:2013 NA 53 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement
29 13334(Pt.1):1998
Reaffirmed 2010
 2012 Skimmed Milk Powder PT -1, Standard Grade
30 13334(Pt.2):2002
Reaffirmed 2008
 2012 Skimmed Milk Powder PT-2, Extra Grade
31 13428:2005
Reaffirmed 2009
 2011 Packaged Natural Mineral Water
32 14433:2007
Reaffirmed 2005
 2012 Infant Milk Substitute 
33 14543:2004
Reaffirmed 2009
 2011 Packaged drinking water (other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water).
34 15410:2003
Reaffirmed 2009
 NA Container for Packaging of natural mineral Water and packaged drinking water.
35 15757:2007 2012 Follow-up formula Complementary Foods
36 277:2003 2011 Galvanised steel sheets
37 280:2006 2009 Mild steel wire for general Engg. Purpose
38 432 (Part 1):1982 NA Mild Steel and medium tensile steel bars
39 432 (Part 2): 1982 NA Hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement
40 1786:2008 2012 Cold- twisted steel bars for concrete reinforcement
41 2062:2006 2011 Hot rolled low, medium and high tensile structural steel
42 4923:1997 2011Hollow steel section for structural use
4315609:2005 2011 Polyethylene flexible pouches for packing of natural mineral water & packaged drinking water.

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