Microwave Digestion available at our Bangalore & Baddi Laboratories

c93id014_a_skaliert_mutliwavego_insertedrotor12hvt50vessels_withlid_longshotSample digestion is a cumbersome time-consuming activity which requires specially designed fume hoods for safety and damage caused by corrosive fumes. Both the laboratories at Baddi(Himachal Pradesh) and Bangalore in Karnataka are now equipped with the latest microwave sample digestion facility- Anton Paar GmBH Model Multiwave GO.

The microwave digestion system simplifies the sample digestion process providing substantial time saving and freedom from exposure to corrosive acid fumes. Up to 12 samples can be simultaneously digested in under 20 minutes. The samples range from pharmaceuticals, foods, minerals, soils, minerals and biological specimens requiring trace metal analysis. The results are highly reliable and accurate as there is no loss of volatile matter as in conventional digestion practices.

For more Information please contact:

Mr. Nitin Sharma(Baddi) Mobile No 09310156614
Mr. Gautham H ( Bangalore) Mobile No 09845509430

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