Milk Testing-For Stability Check

Milk Testing
Milk Testing

Milk is a perishable item. When raw milk is kept for a long time at room temperature visible changes are occurring. It gets spoiled easily at room temperature. The taste and quality of milk may be deteriorated over time. The shelf life of milk means time for which milk can be kept without spoilage. For Dairy Industry, shelf life is one of the most important things. Stability of milk mainly depends on different factors like Proteins, pH, and ionic Calcium. Various tests are performed to check the stability of milk. We are here to discuss

stability testing

. Take a look at this article.

Various tests are performed to check the stability of milk. Rapid Platform testing is very useful in the dairy industry. On the basis of platform test, you can check the quality of milk. On the basis of the result, you can accept or reject the milk sample. If you are a dairy player you must perform these tests. Here are two tests on the basis of which milk is accepted.

Clot On Boiling Test: Clot On Boiling (COB) Test is done to check the heat stability of milk during processing.

Alcohol Test-Alcohol

Test of milk

is done to check the heat stability of milk proteins.

Milk with low heat stability causes sedimentation during processing. That’s why various treatments are given before and during processing. It reduces the risk of milk spoilage.

Microorganisms produce spores and enzyme which may lead to milk spoilage. Various treatments are given to milk to increase the stability of milk. By application of heat, spore-resistant microorganisms are destroyed. Pasteurization and Ultra Heat Treatment are conducted during milk processing for increasing the stability of milk.

The main cause of milk spoilage is contamination due to microorganisms.  If you are in the milk business, you must reduce the chance of contamination to maintain its nutritional quality. Heat treatment is the best way to reduce this risk. Two main heat treatments are pasteurization and UHT.

In pasteurization, milk is heated to at least 630C and followed by holding at such temperature for at least 30 mins or heating at least 720C and holding at such temperature for at least 15 sec.

In UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment), milk is heated above 1350 C for 102 secs. This treatment kills spores.

Stability of milk can be increased in the following ways-

1)Forewarning: Milk is held at high temperature for a long time. This improves the stability of milk during milk processing.

2)Addition of Stabilizers: Chemical stabilizers are added to increase the stability of milk. Calcium Chloride, citrate, and phosphate are added to milk.

If you are a part of Dairy Industry you must carry these treatments to eliminate the risk of milk spoilage. If the shelf life of milk is increased it can be reached to more places.

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