Milk Powder testing according to BIS Standards at Arbro Lab

Milk is the most widely used food product all over the world. You can easily find it in almost all households. In order to make the process of using milk in different ways more convenient, a product called milk powder gets created by spray drying standardized milk.

However, this procedure sometimes affects the nutritional value of pure milk. This is where milk powder testing helps because it ensures that all the nutrients of milk remain in the proper ratio in the powder to offer the same benefits as the liquid form. 

Certifications & Licences

In India, every brand that produces milk powder has to opt for milk powder quality testing. This examination not only helps them in assuring their product’s quality but also in receiving a BIS certification.

Under the tests, the complete sample is analyzed for its nutritional value and for different components present in it. These elements must be under the BIS permitted percentages. Only then the license for selling milk powder can be obtained. 

Milk Powder Testing Methods for Food Safety Standards

Each food product manufactured for the Indian market has to undergo proper testing. It is done to ensure that the stock is safe to be sold in the market and consumed by the buyers. The same goes for milk powder. The manufacturers have to look out for milk powder testing so that they can make their products safer for their consumers.

Milk Powder Quality Testing for Nutritional Value

As stated earlier, pure milk’s nutritional value may get influenced while turning it into powder form. The milk powder testing serves as the most reliable way to check for the nutrients present in the sample and alter the production procedure such that the nutritional value does not get much affected. Therefore, making it more beneficial for customers.

Milk Powder Testing Services at ARBRO Laboratory

ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. provides milk powder testing. Bureaus of Indian Standards (BIS) has renewed the recognition for ARBRO Testing Lab under its Laboratory Recognition Scheme 2018 for three years from 15 January 2020 to 14 January 2023. You can completely trust us with our milk powder testing methods as they are officially acknowledged. A few tests conducted by us on milk powder products include:

  • Milk fat percentage test
  • Total ash
  • Moisture percentage test
  • Titratable acidity as lactic acid acidity test
  • Protein test
  • Lactose test

Along with these nutritive tests, we also provide quality and food standard testing according to the parameters provided by authorities. The stated values are:

  • Bacterial Count shall not be more than 40000 per gram of product.
  • Coliform Count shall be absent in 0.1 g of the product.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus shall be absent in 0.1 g of the product.
  • Salmonella: Salmonella shall be absent in 25 g of the product.
  • Shigella: Shigella shall be absent in 25 g of the product.

ARBRO labs offer a one-stop solution for all kinds of milk powder testing services.  

Why Choose ARBRO for Milk Powder Testing Services?

ARBRO is one of the leading names as a contract research organization and milk powder testing lab in India. Milk Powder (IS 1165: 2002) is one of the several products for which BIS has recognized the scope for the ARBRO Testing Labs.

We have the experience, facilities, and qualified personnel to ensure your product is in compliance with the Indian Standard. With all of these together, we can offer you the best solution for all your milk powder quality testing requirements. Plus, our analysis and feedback are kept transparent for your benefit. 

To get your samples checked by our experts, you can reach us through the given ‘Quick Query’ form, call us on +9111- 45754575 or +91 8588851888, or email us at We will be happy to assist you through the process. 

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Milk Powder testing according to BIS Standards at Arbro Lab 2
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