Milk Powder testing according to BIS Standards at Arbro Lab

Arbro lab providing Milk powder testing as Bureaus of Indian Standards (BIS) has renewed the recognition for Arbro Testing Lab under its Laboratory Recognition Scheme 2018 for three years from 15 January 2020 to 14 January 2023. Milk Powder (IS 1165: 2002) is one of the several products for which BIS has recognized the scope for the Arbro Testing Labs. Milk Powder is a product that requires mandatory certification for BIS standards and Arbro Testing Lab has the experience, facilities, and qualified personnel to ensure your product is in compliance with the Indian Standard. Testing your products from a recognized lab will enable you to procure the BIS certificate and build the reputation of your brand.

Since milk is one of the main sources of nutrition, quality control of milk products through laboratory testing is an essential requirement. Milk Powder is produced from spray drying of standardized milk and sometimes the fat and protein content in the milk can get diluted during the process. Processing and drying of milk powder need to be carried out in a manner that minimizes the loss of nutritive value, especially protein quality. Laboratory testing is required to ensure that the nutritive value, whey protein, and casein ratio of the milk has not got inadvertently altered during processing.

Good quality Milk Powder, as per the Indian Standards, must have the right sensory characteristics like color, taste, and flavor. BIS standards permit certain substances for improving the disperse ability of the product, which needs to be declared on the label like lecithin. Calcium chloride, citric acid and sodium citrate, sodium salts, polyphosphoric acid, etc. may be added to the milk powder in permitted percentages only and so there is a requirement for testing for these parameters.

Quality control of Milk Powder is another important parameter of acceptability as per food safety standards. Arbro testing lab has the experience and capability and uses the recommended testing methods to carry out the following quality control tests.

  • Milk fat percentage test
  • Total ash
  • Moisture percentage test
  • Titratable acidity as lactic acid acidity test
  • Protein test
  • Lactose test

Since milk is highly nutritive it becomes a medium for the rapid growth of bacteria but laboratory testing can indicate if your brand of Milk Powder is free of pathogens.

Microbiological parameters for Milk Powder are as follows

  • Bacterial Count shall not be more than 40000 per gram of product.
  • Coliform Count shall be absent in 0.1 g of the product
  • Staphylococcus Aureus shall be absent in 0.1 g of the product
  • Salmonella: Salmonella shall be absent in 25 g of the product
  • Shigella: Shigella shall be absent in 25 g of the product

BIS has further stated Salmonella and Shigella Standards shall be tested in a laboratory that is situated away from the production area or in a recognized external laboratory. 

Why Milk Powder Testing is Essential

Quality assurance of any food item including milk powder is an important parameter of acceptability of as per food safety standards. Moreover, quality control testing at various stages is essential for milk processing, because milk, which is the raw material used in milk powder, is prone to adulteration by unscrupulous persons.  Another reason for testing is that milk being highly nutritive is prone to rapid bacterial growth. Milk begins to deteriorate during handling, processing and storage and becomes a medium for the growth of microorganisms which can lead to foodborne illnesses.

Milk Powder is manufactured by evaporating milk as drying the milk preserves it, but in case milk is not adequately dried it could lead to contamination by microorganism, therefore, moisture content in milk powder requires testing.  Milk has a short shelf life so various preservatives are added to increase it, which can lead to adulteration if they non-permitted preservatives are used. Chemical testing to ensure that milk powder meets accepted standards for purity are also an essential requirement. Quality control testing gives acceptance that the milk powder being produced by you is in full compliance with standards and so production can be carried on without any objection.

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