Testing Laboratory in Bangalore

In today’s world, consumers are extremely conscious of their health and about the quality of food, medicines, cosmetics and anything that they use on a daily basis.

Understanding this paradigm shift, brands are increasingly consulting with food testing labs, material testing labs to ensure compliance to rules and regulations set up by the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies.

At Arbro Pharmaceuticals, we strive to meet customer expectations. We have experienced staff that caters to the varying needs of your business without compromising on the quality and rigorousness of compliance testing.

Our materials and food testing laboratory in Bangalore leverages modern technology and highly sophisticated testing equipment to analyze products on different parameters.

We provide the following services to our clientele across verticals:

Food Testing Services: 

  • Determining the shelf life of the packed food
  • Fatty acid composition and trans-fat content
  • Analysis of milk and milk products as per EIC norms
  • GMO and non-GMO testing using PCR/RT-PCR techniques
  • Rapid detection of pathogens in food products using RT-PCR technology
  • Proximate analysis and nutritional labeling of food items
  • Leveraging ELISA technique to analyze drug residue, mycotoxins, and vitamins


Material Testing Services: 

Our material testing lab in Bangalore focuses on analyzing the different manufacturing stages of cement or other construction materials. Our services include:

  • Checking for tensile strength, elongation, yield stress, and performing different chemical tests for all kinds of wires, bars, etc.
  • Testing ferrous, non-ferrous metals, alloys, minerals, and ores
  • Determining the physical and chemical characteristics of soil and rock
  • Physical testing the coarse and fine aggregates


Microbial/Pathogen/ Contaminant Testing Services: 

As a part of our microbial testing lab in Bangalore, we perform different microbiological tests on food products testing them for hygiene and presence of food-borne pathogens like Ecoli, Salmonella, Shigella, Yeast and Mould, among others, and also perform swab sampling and analyze it.

Here’s a glimpse of the types of well equipped labs we have within our Bangalore campus: 

Our Facility:

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