Triple Quad GC/MS/MS
Agilent 7000 Series GCMSMS

Gas Chromatography-Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) is a highly sensitive technique for detection and quantification of organic molecules. The system is finding application in pharmaceuticals, foods  and environmental analysis.

Our laboratory is equipped with a Perkin Elmer 5oo GC-MS. Coupling of the system with Perkin Elmer 500 Turbomatrix GC-HS allow mass spectroscopic detection of volatile residues.

We also have an Agilent 7000 series GCMSMS which provides unparalleled sensitivity for the detection of toxins and pesticides residues.

The GC-MS system is equipped with ECD and NPD detectors for analysis of Toxics Dioxane, Residual, pesticides and  cholesterol in agricultural samples and food samples, such milk, honey, grapes etc.

We use the GCMS and GCMSMS system for the following –

  • Pesticide residue analysis in food and environmental samples
  • Identification of unknown volatile and semi-volatile organics in pharmaceutical drug products and substances using GC-Head space – MS
  • Chiral analysis of amino-acid composition of protein samples
  • Impurity profiling in pesticides
  • Analysis of flavor and fragrances
  • Identification of unknown compounds by library matching in the NIST MS library.
  • Bio-analysis for organic molecules in blood, plasma, tissue and urine

We can help you in developing new methods and also perform the routine analysis with standard methods. Please feel free to contact us using the quick query form or call us now on +91-45754575.

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