Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer testing lab in delhi
ICP MS Lab in India

ICP-MS is the synergistic combination of an ICP with a mass spectrometer. ICP-MS offers the benefits of speed of analysis along with lowest detection limits to laboratories performing trace metal determinations.

The detection limits are at or below parts per trillion (ppt) range are achievable with ICP-MS.The technique is much faster than AAS and graphite furnace  AAS for determinations of multiple elements per sample. As many as 85 elements in a sample can be analysed in 2-3 minutes.

Our laboratory is equipped with Perkin Elmer DRC-e model ICP-MS along with dynamic reaction cell  which completely eliminates interferences thus providing ultra trace detection capabilities even in difficult matrices such as waste waters, soils, sea water and clinical samples.

For sample preparation the laboratory is equipped with a Microwave Digestion system allowing complete and reproducible sample digestion which is critical for the elemental analysis in complex matrices.

The facility has been needful for analysis of wide ranging samples such as Ayurvedic products, foods and natural products such as milk, honey, drugs and drinking water.

We have successfully developed and validated methods for quantification of inorganic impurities in a number of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients  and Formulations as per USP 231, 232, 2232 and ICH guidelines.

Our team has experience of conducting numerous method development and validation studies for elemental impurities in drug product and drug substances for leading pharmaceutical companies.

Contact us today for analysis of samples or for development and validation of methods for compliance to USP 231, 232 and 2232 which have mandated the use of ICP and ICP MS for the analysis of elemental impurities in drug products and drug substances.

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