Construction & Building Material Testing Lab

Arbro has a strong focus on the analysis needs of the Building Materials industry. Analysis that can be used for the various stages in the manufacturing process of cement, one of the most important and most widely used products in this segment.

At Arbro, we believe in providing a total service, not just analysis and reports. We tailor each project in every detail to meet customer’s specific needs. Arbro has a long list of satisfied customers and a strong commitment to providing a best-in-class customer experience

  • Tensile strength, elongation, yield stress, bend, rebend and chemical test for all types of bars, strands, strips and wires
  • Compressive strength of cement mortar cubes, cement concrete cubes, bricks and refractory materials
  • Chemical testing of ferrous, non ferrous metals, alloys, minerals and ores
  • Determination of physical and chemical characteristics of Soil & Rock
  • Mix designing for cement concrete ratio
  • Physical testing of coarse and fine aggregates

Arbro empaneled with Delhi Development Authority

Arbro empaneled with Airport Authority of India

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