Timber & Wood



Material Test


       Tests Performe


   Test Method


Timber & Wood  

Moisture Content

IS: 1708 (P-I)-1986


Specific gravity

IS: 1708 (P-II)-1986

Particle Board

Moisture Content

IS: 2380 (Pt-3)-1977Reaff.2003


Screw withdrawal Strength

IS: 2380 (Pt-14)- 1977Reaff.2003



IS: 2380 (Pt-3)-1977Reaff.2003


Water Absorption

IS: 2380 (Pt-16)-1977Reaff.2003


Swelling in water

IS: 2380 (Pt-17)-1977Reaff.2003


Swelling due to surface absorption

IS: 3087-2005





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