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Chemical Contaminants Testing & Analysis in Food

Chemical Contaminants
Chemical Contaminants

Food items go through a long process right from their production to processing, and finally, up until delivery. Certain chemicals are used in some of the included steps to keep the product protected from damaging factors; for example, the use of pesticides during crop production.

While these chemicals are crucial, their remains can also cause chemical contamination of food. That is why food contamination analysis is conducted to ensure that the food item is safe for consumption. 

Ensuring Quality Food Products

FSSAI has declared it mandatory for every food operator to make all their products undergo food contamination testing for consumers’ safety. This step has to be followed before the food item is made available to the consumers. Moreover, the tests have to be done under an accredited and verified contamination testing lab so that their results can be trusted by the authorities. 

Food Contamination Analysis for Pesticide Residues

Out of all the possible chemical contaminants and residues in food, pesticides are the most common ones. For this reason, almost all kinds of foods are tested for any pesticide residue in them.

In case the traces are found more than permissible limits, the food becomes unsafe for consumption, and it will not make it to the market.  

Food Contamination Testing for Heavy Metals

Heavy metal traces can also be found in certain food items, even the Ayurveda ones. Hence, it is necessary to check these products for heavy metals so that they do not cause any harm to the consumers. 

Other Chemical Contaminants and Residues in Food

There can be several other toxic residues present in the food items. The food products have to be tested thoroughly to ensure that none of these components crosses their predetermined safe limits. This is the only way for authorities to guarantee that the food item is safe for consumption for the public. 

Contamination Testing Services at ARBRO Laboratory

We provide complete contamination testing services under one roof. You can get your food products tested for the following possible contaminants and assure their high quality:

The following testing services are available in our laboratory:

  • Chemical compounds
  • Heavy metals
  • Coatings
  • Powders
  • Unknown components 
  • Drug residue
  • Gels
  • Gas contaminants 
  • Pesticide residues


On top of these services, we also have highly skilled professionals and the latest technology for checking chemical contamination of food according to the guidelines provided by FSSAI and other official authorities.


Why Choose Us for Contamination Testing Services?

Our contamination testing lab is recognized as one of India’s top five laboratories offering food testing services. Plus, it is accredited by reliable authorities, such as FSSAI.

However, these are not the sole reasons why we are known in the industry. Our food testing solutions are the most authentic because we have been working in the domain for over a couple of decades. Thus, we know how to get the work done with high efficiency. 

To get your products checked for any chemical contamination of food, reach us through the provided “Quick Query” form. You can also call us on +91-11-45754575 to get your queries solved and find the best solution for your food testing requirements. 

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