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Food Packaging
Food Packaging

As we are advancing to the modern style of living, the food packaging is playing a vital role in making availability of every food item from every corner of the world. All food packaging material should be of high quality and it should provide protection to all food products. It should protect the food from contamination, damage and should ensure the required labelling requirements as per FSS Act/ Rules & Regulations.

Food products have to be packed in appropriate packaging materials. The packaging material should ensure an adequate barrier to microorganisms. They should also ensure the seal integrity like temper proof and able to seal only once. The size should be ideal for wrapping to avoid gapping & billowing.

In cases where the food or additives would get in direct touch with the food packaging material, the food grade packaging has to be used and the packaging material used should be verified and certified for the chemical analysis from a food testing laboratory. Packaging materials like aluminium, plastic & tin should be tested for physical, microbiological and chemical analysis.

The gases used during packaging should not be toxic and shall not pose any health hazards for the community.

All Food materials have to be tested from a food testing laboratory in cases of any suspicion or possible contamination before the food is made available for the sale.

Our food testing laboratory and professional team of scientists are experts in testing food packaging materials. We have a comprehensive range of equipments and our testing services include national & international methods for the evaluation of food packaging materials.

Our food testing laboratory has been identified as one of the top 5 laboratories and is accredited by NABL, FSSAI, BIS, CDSCO, ISM&H, APEDA, EIC/EIA, AGMARK.

We offer consultation and testing on the requirements of the package materials as per IS – 9845, IS – 10171, IS – 15392. Our techniques include mechanical testing, chemical testing, microbiology testing and evaluation of packed materials.

Our other services include: Food Microbiology testing, Nutritional & labelling, Allergens, Food Additives, Residues/Chemical Contaminants, Shelf Life Studies, Sensory Evaluation.

Please contact us today using the quick query form on the right or by calling us now on +91-11-45754575 for testing of food packaging materials. 

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